How to Find a Live Stock Market Quote

Oftentimes when you need to check on the status of the market, a live stock market quote can prove elusive.  This is mainly because the stock exchanges do not give out their market data freely.  Anyone who wants to publish stock market quotes must first purchase a license from the stock exchanges to do so.

Hence, when you or I just want to look up a stock market quote on any old informational site online, what we’ll usually end up getting is a stock market quote that is 15-20 minutes delayed.  If you’re not sure if your quote is live and in real time or not, make sure to check the time next to the price.  Almost always there is either going to be an updated time next to the stock price or quote, or there will be a disclaimer letting you know that the data is delayed.

Since delayed quotes are the universal norm on the web, where do you go to find updated, live stock market quotes,  Well, unless you want to sit in front of CNBC waiting for your stock to come across the ticker tape, there are a few options for you.

First off, you can check with your brokerage account.  Though even sometimes your stock market prices will still be delayed with them, they often have premium services that you can subscribe to for getting live stock market quotes.  Unfortunately, while this should be a free service, there is usually an additional monthly cost with this.